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Fidget Cube t it fidget cube Qiyi and An Yu Feng looked at the wind, a sudden heart of a plan You Chen, I heard this evening to do family reunions, is not it Well, Jiang Youchen nodded, looked at me very severely, as if to warn me not to use their brains Escape. Oh, Yuchen, I really think that those elders who like to bustle Yeah. This year s family gathering as Finale program let four ministers jump collective dance it Oh Jiang Youchen strange looked at me, it seems that I suddenly pulled this topic some Mo name. An Yu Feng and Qi wings to stop laughing one expression tension, the mouth could not help but bursts of waves twitch You Chen, beg you, promise me okay see the Anyu wind moving the mouth Hao Xing to have what Said, fidget cube I quickly bit his lips close to him, stretched out his hands tightly dragging his hand, blinking eyes Make a lovely expression, intimate spoiled. Well, I promise you. Jiang Youchen looked at the side of the two waving hard, looked at me a gentle Eyes, pondered a bit nodded. Moment, An Yu Feng Qi and the ice seems to be ice to live, the eyes of the eyebrows of the eyes looked, eyes full o.cidentally spread through the microphone to everyone s ears inside Morphe Microphone open Lin Zihao angrily sound from the microphone passed out. Ah ha ha, is actually Linzi Hao ah Dancing and dancing Shut up You all give me shut up Linzi Hao s voice was a wave after wave of hype to cover up, and finally disappear. On the stage, Lin Zihao fidget cube holding the hands of the hands of the microphone chop chubby assistant head Under the eyes of gloomy Yin to Yuan, without a word of the Yan Yan, there are raging Qiyi are surrounded by Jiang Youchen in the next, but rather Jiang You Chen look indifferent to comfort with three people. Jiangyou Chen and Lin Zihao dance Jiangyou Chen Princess Prince Linzi Hao to dance together I am unable to help the help of their forehead Oh, God, your joke is great 2 Woo woo A chilly wind drifting, scared my back while a cold sweat, could not help playing a big shiver. Miso miso A group of raging fire burning in front of me, so I could not help but take a step back. Cameroon A chill jumped from my heel to the body, I immediately can not move rigidly. Section 17 Wild Rose Story 3 Cai.

d in the cross from God, looked up and saw Yin Yuan glittering staring at me, seems to persuade me not to touch the egg stones. Oh, I advise you not to stand fidget cube up, if not, then give up good. Yin Yuan actually even looked at me meaningfully, a secret break. I Lengle Leng, originally thought he would like Jiang Youchen as to encourage me, but did not think he turned out to persuade me to give up. What In considering when to leave Looked at me bowed his head not to say anything, Yin Yuan laughed, glasses flashed an icy light. Is not it a small CASE file How can I be stumped Cai Ling I will be able to be a good president of the student I went back to the table behind the gas to sit down, take out a pile from the file, spread out on the table British Princess contest Based on the British boys school, it is proposed to hold a men s dress in the British men s high profile draft competition, selected the most feminine boys This is who the proposal men dressed women. If such a metamorphosis of the proposal was adopted, I Cai Ling s identity would not immediately be exposed. Jiangyou Chen s efforts are not was.turned his head to the other side, but head to see An Yufeng staring eyes fixed on me, but his eyes less a fidget cube usual cold and self confidence, but more of a loss and helplessness. Lin Zihao came down from the stage, after An Yufeng side whispered a few words in his ear. Linzi Hao finished, out of the venue. I want to guess anything from the expression of Anyu wind, but his face has been clear sky, do not see the slightest change, as if there is no such person Linzi Hao the same. An Yufeng, thank you An Yufeng, I m sorry The fifth chapter Canna story 1, D The school bell rang me to the student union office. Open the door, greeted it is a mess. Alas, although I have been formally elected president of the Student Council, those officers who simply do not listen to my command, have sick in the body. Even the office have not cleaned fidget cube for a long time, and the floor plot a thick layer of dust, step up can see a clear footprints. I reluctantly sighed, fidget cube went to the corner picked up a broom and dustpan, self reliance it fidget cube it hurts Welcome to visit Dust and I was in a moment of excitement, suddenly fidget cube right hand fingertips up.councils, then let the president s position to let it out I am so compassionate, certainly do not want to see you so hard, ah ha ha Linzi Hao, then the same as a stirring rod, letting the hard won meeting room has become a very noisy Lin Zihao I heard a severe scolding, An Yufeng raised his head, glaring at the fidget cube blue forest Zihao. Oh, I say is the truth, Cai students, I think you still automatically drop out of school, and this better ah, a hundred, and will not implicate others Ha ha ha Lin Zihao An Yufeng regardless of the block, with His voice was full of conspiracy and dark laughter. While he said, while he also exaggerated stood up, swaggering around me, went to the desk, talking to himself fidget cube antsy sitting on the president of that chair. Listening to his cynicism, I just feel waves of chest tightness, the body s blood in the head Chung Chung, but fidget cube how to think, but also can not think of a rebuttal to the words, can only stand like a place in the wood, blushed not to say anything. How do you not speak ah Beautiful president, dear Tsai students Or you have to rely on others to help you speak Ha ha ha Ha ha ha.

Fidget Cube Of the lace, attracting only a small hard bee. Dancing butterflies excited to fly around, seems to be welcoming a most solemn program. Full of desert style of the royal palace of the prince has arranged a new, smooth and translucent marble flooring paved a thick red blanket, rounded hall entrusted with gold lace, baroque style dome light was opened early, Emitting a charming luster. Thousands of servants, ladies and women in an orderly manner, hurried to prepare for the next event. This evening is the royal celebration of Chennai, the palace will be open to all the subjects of the column. Black majestic door has been opened, groups of people dressed in twos and threes came from the palace outside the Chung. They with excitement fidget cube and longing for the smile, walking lightly and then fidget cube green green trees around the forest road. From time to time ran through a group of cheerful children, they wore a brand new coat, in the palace garden jubilantly jumping, silver bell like smile sprinkled all the way. Everything seems so lively, compact and full of rhythm. Is this all fidget cube a dream So beautiful, so luxurious, so dreamy Ha fidget cube do so. Demon dragon dissatisfied with hum twice If so, that if the outbreak of World War, he is not going to become the Virgin Mary Little Ling, I ll send you to this. Oh Oh Uh small Ling, the bedroom to. Oh Oh ah is mechanical twitching of the mouth I suddenly a Jiling, Jiang Youchen was found in my nose puzzled look at me. Ah I scrambled like an octopus flapping like the only flapping back, a lingering fear to the wall. I finally understand what extremes meet , and too short to see too many close up guy can achieve the thriller effect. Little Ling, just do not make you feel troubled, and if so Jiang Youchen bowed his head a moment, and then suddenly raised his head, or I let you kiss me, so we even The. Jiangyou Chen said with a smile to his forehead scrape together over, let me uneasy heart sink to the bottom. I do not have to I hastened to shook his head again and again, burning ass like toward the direction of the bedroom bolted in the past, I can go in, you do not worry. Little Ling I heard behind Jiangyou Chen puzzled call, and quickly s.

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