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Fidget fidget cube wholesale Cube Wholesale lted Waizhaonaodai waiting for stars gradually disappear Call I took a deep breath, shaking a bit just suspected to be knocked into concussion head. Suddenly, I appeared in front of a good sheep sheep s lamb, above a lot of chocolate Every time I picked up in the supermarket and put down the pure Dove hazelnut chocolate I Leng Leng looked good little sheep eyes, followed by two toe small sheep s hoof, and then is covered with curly wool of the stomach Ooo Moved too moved My hands trembling towering took a piece of chocolate, can not wait to peel a plug into the mouth Wow, nice wonderful feeling Obediently the appearance of the sheep actually met my long cherished wish for ten years. Qiazhi calculation, playing from fidget cube wholesale I know that Dove since fidget cube wholesale the brand seems just ten years Year because of the abjection of the family, once did not eat that five small pieces of five, fifteen large chunks of expensive chocolate I am grateful to look at him, his eyes almost out of the precious tears I firmly clasped the sheep obediently a small sheep s toe, and sincerely said the sentence Thank you In.itated for a long time, no longer speak. He picked up a branch gently fiddle with the burning bonfire, the flame issued a Bantu Baba sound. The temperature of fidget cube wholesale the campfire baked my face slowly fever, I sat silently watching the figure opposite Jiang You Chen. The flare shone on his face, so I could not see his face, but why did I feel that he deliberately concealed himself in the projection of the bonfire. Lonely. Suddenly a word flashed through my mind. Why Why do I have such a feeling Can be in front of him, like hiding in a corner, resist the others close, afraid to scold the child. I stared at the lost angel, Leng Leng to pondering his words like me I do not understand Usually four minister of protection, but also with the innate spirit of the king, so Jiang Youchen even to envy me Like me, what is good to be possessed by God, always very bad fidget cube wholesale luck, do not Jiangyou Chen think this is happiness. 2, The next morning, I got up, just go downstairs, a hearty voice fleeing into my ears. You have not learned chess for a long time I ll take my grandfather for the next game. what Early in the morning this.

expectedly, Qi Yi was Datailielie took Yin to the words of Yuan, Yaotouhuangnao to say, and his red hair as the same sex, uninhibited. bet I was eavesdropping surprised, immediately opened his eyes In order to escape to the family gathering performances, even Cai Ling as a bet, who can catch her who will be able to shell out, now think of it is really sorry Cai Ling it. Yan Yuan s glasses a bit anti light, It seems that some regret not the beginning This is the original Four families each year, a family gathering, each party must find four ministers in a performance program. The four guys feel that the show is too naive, and no one is willing to undermine the image fidget cube wholesale of his handsome guy, even as a bet punishment , playing the pursuit of the game Teng Teng Teng My heart raised a mass of unnamed fire, which I thoroughly understand Four ministers, you even put me as a bet You guys waiting for the four bar, ha ha I must reported hatred 4 Princess come out now Princess where are you Cai Ling Gradually dark up the fidget cube wholesale weather, the ceremony was about to hit the bar The original of this time, I should be holding J.rrible quiet. The sound of the tranquil wind is clearly visible. I can not breathe the atmosphere looked at the two men, tightly bite the lips, afraid of accidentally, called out loud. Tick Tick fidget cube wholesale The second hand of the minute hand swing forward a few, made me feel like a century as long Oh Jiangyou Chen slightly down the head, dark eyes dark, and so he looked up again, I was surprised to find that his eyes are always gentle all of a sudden gone, replaced, is a tough , A kind of absolutely, What do you think Cai Ling need Cai Ling need is a real concern of the caring, need a person to protect her, is a person who can care about her Anyu wind did not fidget cube White-blue want to blurt out, you simply can not give Cai Ling happiness, please You let her go what An Yu wind, then it seems like a pot of fidget cube for sale water suddenly poured in my head, I could not help a burst of shaking, a slip of hand, almost fell out from fidget cube wholesale the back of the tree Fortunately, I react fast, quickly grabbed the trunk, relying on the role of friction desperately to stick the tree, did not fall a four Yang eight fork. Even with a night to help her finish reading all the fil.up with the loss of friends fidget cube wholesale exposed this extremely excited expression, my heart no reason to fibrillation. Do not be so surprised, small Ling Is not the first time, you look at the blackboard Yu Ying said, his face excitedly red mouth with the direction of the podium. Originally confused I felt the hearts of a burst of cold, twitching the mouth, the line of sight rigidly turned to the blackboard. When my eyes and the blackboard meet the moment, I like a rusty robot, blindsided. I saw the blackboard impressively read Section 9 Story of Purple Water Lily 5 Today, the twenty fifth arriving students, will bear all the work on duty. Cai Ling ah, you are not feel too lucky, can not accept this fact ah Still painted holding a pile of comic books to shake in front of me, Ha ha ha I really understand you enough, under the Henlv you But you did not let me down Oh, you fidget cube wholesale is the twenty fifth twenty five. twenty five Huge figures like a boulder hit on my head, so I could not help a little dizzy, trance to see behind a big flashing with zero. Why why. why God, in the end I was doing something wrong I Bashansheshui, over.

Fidget Cube Wholesale to protect you, let no one hurt you In the bus, Jiangyou Chen holding me so gently said Jiang Youchen Jiangyou Chen I suddenly recovered, and found himself being An Yufeng hold so tight. I subconsciously pushed him hard, he seems not prepared to be pushed by a staggered back to the wall. Oh beyond my surprise, I pushed the An Yufeng not only did not get angry, but also solemnly laughed. What are you laughing at I looked at him puzzled. Why, why at this time actually laugh, not anger, should not hate me Was his smile, I felt a burst of cold chills. You are still thinking of Jiangyou Chen An Yufeng s face hung with a discerning smile, diamond studs are constantly flashing light, In your most critical time, where he He has come out to protect You Suddenly seems to be the point in the Achilles heel, my heart uttered a loud noise I Leng Leng looked An Yufeng, repeatedly pondering the problem he just bursts. In your most critical time where is he he has come out to protect you I I believe he I believe Jiangyou Chen, he said to protect me he will I me I slowly raised his head and saw the tall athletic teacher is standing angrily An Yufeng behind him fiercely sent a burst of chestnut on his head Look at the wind is knocked An Yufeng package, and look at the face of surprised Jiang Youchen face, I fidget cube wholesale think the whole heart finally put down, fingers loose, you want to put the basketball on the floor, but a burst of feeling of pain Spread by the stomach, I suddenly felt like a mass of cotton, floating wind fell to the ground Cai Ling fainted Cai Ling Cai Ling How do you Ear echoed a fidget cube Grey Black lot of people anxious voice, gradually light down light down I feel hot in my face. As if suddenly came to a warm country, there are thumping wings of the white birds, they form a harmonious team, dancing look so beautiful to forget all the sorrow. Section 43 The Story fidget cube wholesale of the Golden Lover 6 Flutter flutter flutter A white bird suddenly left the team, marching bad steps came to my shoulder, and slowly along my shoulder climbed to my face. The bird flapped its wings and my face tickled. Suddenly it came to my forehead and pecked softly. Bo Huh Why birdie.

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